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-Electric Storm-
-Occasional Artwork and Other Ramblings-
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Hello, hello, and welcome to the non-spectacular spectacular production of...

aww hell, it's another ART UPDATE. so come on in and be un-amazed by my latest offering D<! no refunds.

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oh lawls, it's that time of the month again.

and I don't mean womanly thangs, foo'.

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Welcome to episode 2 of my scrap dumps XD. this time round, we have SONIC FCS as well as Keroro ones! that should hopefully be of interest XD well, I don't wanna keep you waiting, so let's get going.

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ok, ladies and gents, this is what's on offer today: FROGS. for the first couple of posts, you may just end up be seeing frogs- don't worry. don't adjust your monitor or send in your PC complaining it's broken- you are diffinately seeing frogs. XD. the following are either ones kept private for one-on-one plots, aren't finished or are newly created.

mmkay, time to get on with it!

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I'm Chi, from deviantart, and I'll be using this journal to upload unfinished (and sometimes finished) artwork here.
the main idea is so I do not spam my DA page with WIP characters anymore. 

mostly, you'll be seeing a lot of Keroro fanchars and the occassional fanart pop-up. I'll be posting more canon-fan art here than on DA due to the fact I feel more confident here.

I'm working on several large RPG projects, so some of the pixel stuff uploaded might be based around that. I'm hoping to make some more anthro art and start practising humans more, so this journal will be a scrap-book of many things hopefully.

please enjoy your stay :3

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